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Love Stories Are My Fave

Heyyy! OMG I want to start by saying congratulations! Getting married is a SUPER BIG DEAL! YAY! Tying the knot is by far one of thee most special days of your life. 

It is an honor to have the privilege to capture your timeless memories that will last a life time! 

My focus is capturing your ‘best you’ during the span of the day, from candids during ‘the good stuff’, to guiding you through portraits when you have no idea what to do with your hands (insert Ricky Bobby gif here). With my collections starting at 6 hours of coverage, I’m with you from start to finish.


I believe that your photography experience is important…Hire me for your wedding and expect a professional, happy chick to show up with a huge smile. I will pour my heart into my work in order to produce photos that will mean something years down the road, because these photos are important and these are the good ole days!  You’re IN them!  Lets make sure we document them properly. I’ll have your back.  I will invest in you as much as you do in me.


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